project: Reddit Discord bot
Updated Sun Oct 25 2020 Stijn Rogiest

An amazing Discord bot that connects with reddit. Has video downloading support, 50/50 spoilers ...

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You can invite this bot here.

Usage 💻

⚠️ To enable NSFW reddit content (e.g. r/fiftyfifty), you MUST mark the Discord channel as NSFW.

The bot uses the r/ prefix:

  • r/pics: shows a top post from the r/pics subreddit.
  • r/pics new: shows a new post. You can also use top, best, rising and hot.
  • r/pics top: shows a top post.
  • r/pics week or r/pics top week: shows a top post from the last week. You can also use hour, day, month, year and all.

ℹ️ Protip: You can use the r// shortcut to repeat your previous input.

bot prefix usage


You can also paste a reddit url into the chat, the bot will transform it into a nice embedded message.

reddit url embedding

Have fun!